Brodersen-Weindorf Quartett
Traffic - 2016

Kristina Brodersen - sax
Tobias Weindorf - piano
Christian Ramond - bass
Hendrik Soll - drums

"... Kristina Brodersen and Tobias Weindorf have produced a fine collection of pieces for quartet. Beyond that, they've made an example of something I've found in my own life (I too share my life with a fellow-musician): music and life are inextricably linked. The music people make together is often better when those people are close to each other. This happens naturally when a band spends time traveling together from gig to gig; on a long tour a kind of "us against the world" mentality develops, and the music takes on a cohesion born of the band members sharing mutual support. As you can imagine, this phenomenon can be even more pronounced when two musicians share their entire lives together, on and off the road.
This CD demonstrates this. There is a feeling of closeness between Kristina and Tobias that gives the music another dimension. They've just had their second child; may their family and their music prosper, side by side...."
Steve Swallow
Brodersen-Weindorf Duo
Rabaneo - 2016

"... this music consists of original tunes played as piano/alto sax duo; and, very well done ..." Lee Konitz

Kristina Brodersen – alto sax
Tobias Weindorf - rhodes, keyboards

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Brodersen-Weindorf Quartett
You 'n' Me - 2009

Kristina Brodersen - sax
Tobias Weindorf - piano
Ingmar Heller - bass
Hendrik Soll - drums
Uli Brodersen
Land Feet First - 2011

Uli Brodersen - guitar, composition
Tobias Weindorf / Sebastian Gahler - keyboards
David Anlauf - drums
Matthias Bergmann - flugelhorn, trumpet
Kristina Brodersen – alto sax
Christian Röhm – cajon
Philipp Rehm / Nico Brandenburg – bass
International Bigband
Visible Response - 2005
Together - 2002
The Sidewinders
Die Bestie - 2000

Matthias Schriefl - trumpet
Kristina Brodersen - alto-sax
Alexander von Hagke - tenor-sax
Rolf Langhans - piano
Andreas Kurz - bass
Nick Pattusch - drums